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African Line Dance

Line Dancing is a format of dance in which dancers line up in a row without partners and follow a choreographed pattern of steps to music

Afro Dance

Afro Dance is a catchy and funky genre of music and a popular style of dance. You'll definitely be caught grooving to Afro Dance.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is one of the most romantic, elegant, and sensual dances in the world. Its intimacy has caused it to be referred to as “a secret danced between two people”.


Join us and have fun learning Bachata. This Latin dance is becoming one of the world's most popular dances.


Classical ballet classes include traditional barre, centre work and enchainment. Learn the foundation of all good dance technique.

Ballet Barre

This class is geared to participants who have previous dance experience. The ballet barre will be used to increase your strength and flexibility, and challenge your mind and body with simple sequences for a full body workout.

Ballroom Blast

Ideal for anyone wanting to learn, or relearn, to dance socially in a fun, relaxed, yet professional atmosphere.

Belly Dance

Students are taught the belly dance posture, how to isolate body movement and basic dance steps in a fun environment.


Learn the fundamentals of breaking: musicality, toprocks, floorwork, basic power moves, freezes and the transitions to fuse it all together!

Burlesque Charm

A unique dance class that incorporates movements from various dance genres and Pilates to develop cardio and strength.

Contemporary Modern

In this technical dance style, explore your movement potential, expand creativity and develop your performance techniques.

Dance Mix

Come try out a variety sampler of dance classes this fall!
This Dance Mix is subsidized by Athletic & Recreation fee and only University of Alberta Students are eligible to register.


Wow your friends the next time you hit the dance floor by learning disco!

Flamenco Dance

Class will cover flamenco footwork, arm work, posture, choreography and compass of the music

Hip Hop

Get into the culture, music and dance of Hip Hop. This exciting dance class takes you from old school to new school and everything in between. Focus is on style, energy and a ton of fun.

House Dance

House Dance is a social dance that has roots in the clubs of Chicago and New York. Get a great cardio workout while learning moves you can take to the club.


Jazz dance is matched to the rhythms and techniques of jazz and contemporary music. Within various styles of jazz, we emphasize the practice of jazz technique including centre preparatory exercises, stylized technique and combination phrases.

K-Pop (Korean Pop)

K-POP is a modern form of South Korean pop music covering mostly dance-pop, pop ballad, electronic, rock, hip-hop, R & B, etc.. Suitable for beginners or dancers with limited experience.

Latin Dance

Let us take you through a journey of fun and step-by-step learning like we've done with countless others that are still dancing.

Powwow Dance

Powwow Dance will explore the diversity of styles in Powwow Country today.


From beginner to intermediate, learn the techniques and patterns of this sultry, sensuous and intense dance style.

Salsa (LA/NY Style)

Welcome athletes! You are now fully equipped with everything you need to mount a full on assault on learning. You'll learn tricks, foot work, spins and more.

Street Jazz

Street Jazz incorporates elements of classical jazz dance technique combined with funky street style hip hop movement.

Tap Dance

This class will allow students to make music with their feet. Learn solid technical foundations and rhythms from Broadway to Street Syle.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a fun, casual partner dance done to contemporary, lyrical, or blues music. Rooted in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing evolved in response to the music of the day.

West African Dance

This class will combine traditional, neo-traditional, and popular dance movement motifs from West African traditions.