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Athletic & Recreational Youth Camps

Augustana Vikings Youth Camps

Train, grow, and have fun with Sports Camps at Augustana Campus in Camrose hosted by the Vikings!

Green & Gold Summer Camps

Green & Gold Summer Camps follow the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework to organize and plan our programs. The LTAD Stages are used to group participants into general developmental categories by age. Along with sport-specific skills, the development of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and life skills are a focus for each camp.

Green & Gold Spring Break Camps

This spring break spend some time in the Dome at Foote Field or on the Court at Saville. Participants will learn about multiple sports and how skills can transfer between sports.

Varsity Skills and Prep Camps

These camps deliver elite level coaching provided by the Golden Bears and Pandas coaching staff and players. The unique curriculums are designed to focus on advanced skills and tactics in a high peformance environment.