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Varsity Skills and Prep Camps

These camps deliver elite level coaching provided by the Golden Bears and Pandas coaching staff and players. The unique curriculums are designed to focus on advanced skills and tactics in a high peformance environment.

If this is your first time registering for a program or camp on activityreg.ualberta.ca please take a few minutes to set up your account first. Our system requires an adult account created first, then a child/youth to be added in the groups section. How to create family account for registration

Golden Bears Basketball Camps & Clinics

Camps & Clinics offered by the Golden Bears Basketball Team

Golden Bears & Pandas Youth Curling

Programs are coached by current Golden Bears and Pandas varsity curlers who have received specialized training to support kids at this age and stage.

Golden Bears Football Camps & Clinics

Academys, Camps, Coaching Clinics, and more!

Golden Bears Hockey Camps

Do you want to improve your skills this summer and develop the ability to compete like a Golden Bear this winter? Do you want to experience professional coaching and development? IF the answer is YES - we look forward to working with you

Golden Bears Soccer Camps & Clinics

Golden Bears Soccer camps, clinics and academies

Golden Bears & Pandas Track & Field Camps & Clinics

Clinics and Programs offered by Golden Bears & Pandas Track & Field

Golden Bears Volleyball Camps & Clinics

Golden Bears Volleyball Academies, Camps, Clinics, & more

Pandas Basketball Camps & Clinics

Training Clinics, Camps and programs hosted by Pandas Basketball

Pandas Hockey Camps & Clinics

Camps and Clinics offered by Pandas Hockey

Pandas Rugby Camps & Programs

Camps and Programs offered by Pandas Rugby

Pandas Volleyball Camps & Clinics

Camps and Clinics offered by Pandas Volleyball

Pandas Soccer Camps & Programs

Pandas Soccer Camps, Clinics and Junior Programs