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Barre Strong

A Pilates class using the mat, barre and weights that is designed to focus on sculpting, toning and lengthening with a combination of strength, flexibility, dance technique and yoga.


This athletic class targets all major muscle groups to maximize your time! Includes speed and power drills, pyramid training, and circuit or interval training.

Cardio Kickbox

This electric class combines kicking and punching movements with Bootcamp essentials to define and shape your body and self-confidence.

Full Body Blast

Functional Training, Circuit Training, HIIT Come and try it all! NEW ViprPro, Kettlebells, body bars and balls!

Step 'n Strong

Combine the choreographed cardiovascular component of step with the concentrated strength work provided by bands, bars and bells!


Gain a newfound sense of strength and confidence in your body! Utilize your body weight in addition to weights and resistance to uncover a stronger, more resilient version of yourself to bring into all aspects of your life.