Summer Parking Permit (Summer 2020)

ID: 11205 Public Price$8.00 Spaces: 432
Information: Parking passes can be purchased at a discounted rate of $8.00 plus GST, which can be used during the duration of the league. Pick-up will be at your game venue on the first day of your league play.
Purchasing this parking permit entitles the holder to 2.5 hours of parking each night of their league, from week #1 through to the end of playoffs. A parking permit holder can park in one of the following lots: Stadium Car Park, Varsity Lot, Lot T (Lister Field North), Lot R (Road to Lister Field), and Lot L (Corbett Hall). Permits must be displayed on the car’s dashboard at all times in order to be valid. A parking permit applies to one car for one league; the same permit cannot be used for multiple leagues, and the permit is not transferable between cars. All parking restrictions are consistent with those posted on the Parking Services website.
Course Dates: Mon, Aug-24 12:00 AM
Day Start End Instructor Location Venue
Monday 6:00 PM 9:00 PM Lister Turf - Full Lister Centre