Group Fitness


This athletic class targets all major muscle groups to maximize your time! Includes speed and power drills, pyramid training, and circuit or interval training.

Cardio Kickbox

This electric class combines kicking and punching movements with Bootcamp essentials to define and shape your body and self-confidence.

Cardio Row

If you are looking for variety in your cardiovascular training that includes a whole body workout and a small group environment, this course is for you.


Explore the library of movements and portable equipment in your instructor's toolbox. Each class is a new and challenging set of stations that you can tackle on your own terms. A wonderful mix of old thyme calisthenics and new school functional training techniques.

Combat Back Pain

A little bit of yoga, a little Pilates, a little mobility, some global strengthening movements and an overall attention to re-aligning the body to avoid or counteract back pain.

Functional Training

Functional Training, Circuit Training, HIIT? Come and try it all: TRX, Kettlebells, cables, monkey bars! Retrain your body to move more efficiently, maximally and become wonderfully strong.

Happy Hour

Join us Friday afternoons for this healthy alternative to the traditional "Happy Hour". Each week you get a different Mind Body format or Overall Fitness format with a different instructor.

Health Move Fitness

Health Moves Fitness is a supervised exercise program catered to individuals living with one or more chronic health conditions.


Intense work intervals with limited rest creates a super- efficient and empowering workout.

Mastering The "Core"

Join us to dig deep into your core and come out stronger, feeling taller and more capable.


Focus inwards and take some time to disconnect from your day to day. Learn to control distracting or stressful thoughts and clear your mind through meditation.

Olympic Lifting For The Beginner

Join our Performance Coach, Ryan (with advanced training in heavy lifting) for this 6 week introduction to the more complex movements of "clean", "jerk", and "snatch".


Strengthen the connection between your soul and your anatomy. Attend these classes to focus inwards and take some time to disconnect from your day to day.

Powerlifting for Beginners

Join our Performance Coach, Ryan (with advanced training in heavy lifting) for this 6 week introduction to the original Big Three - Bench press, Deadlift and Squat.

Primal Movement Fitness Essentials

This two-class natural movement workshop will explore a more restorative series that will introduce you to some of the foundational and micro-components of ground movement and crawling.

Resistance Training

If the weight room is intimidating, or you really just don't know what you are "supposed to be" doing we have you covered!

Return to Golf

As we look forward to warmer weather and getting back outside, we have to shift our physical conditioning program towards GOLF!


Combine the full-body cardio experience with the strength and power development of portable equipment strength training. No rowing experience required.


This total body workout will strengthen and re-shape your legs and abdominals while boosting metabolism for optimum fat torching.

Silver Strength

Expect to improve balance, coordination and bone density with this group strength class. The movements practiced promise to make everyday activities safer and easier!.

Small Group Fitness Training

This class provides a fitness experience large enough to be fun and interactive but small enough to maintain the quality of modifications and progressions specific to the individuals.


Ride our Spinner NXT or Real Ryders in the energetic and motivating environment created by your instructor! Intensity is self-monitored and no inherent coordination is required making cycling classes ideal for new exercisers and Tri-athletes.

Stair Master

Every advertisement depicting the pursuit of fitness features a confident person bounding up bleacher stairs. We want you to feel like the model you are so we have STAIR-MASTER!


This stepping workout provides a great cardio challenge on and off the step. Use one riser or two! Your instructor will be right there with you step for step, move for move showing you how it's done by adding to the sequences and to the beat.

Step 'N Sculpt

Combine the choreographed cardiovascular component of Athletic Step with the concentrated strength work provided by mini-bands!


Take your training up a notch or two. Intense work intervals with limited rest creates a super efficient and empowering workout. All-out effort is relative, making this class accessible to most exercisers.


Experience the most effective whole body functional training system to date. Exercises will build stability, power, strength, flexibility and balance. Intensity is simple to manipulate for immediate feedback.

United Yoga Pilates

Experience the best of vinyasa inspired yoga and mat Pilates in one fluid class. Develop strength, flexibility, proper range of motion and core stability by linking poses together to the gentle rhythm of your breath.


We offer numerous yoga classes that will help guide you towards a balanced development of mind, body, and spirit. Choose from various practices such as Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa and many more.


Interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got a Zumba® class.