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Green & Gold Summer Camps

FUNdamentals (Age 6-8 yrs)

Camps are designed to allow participants to improve their fundamental movement skills and build the basic skills associated with a variety of sports that are best initiated at this period of development.

Learn to Train (Age 9-11 Yrs)

Camps are designed to give participants the opportunity to strengthen their sport-specific skills in a wide range of sports while continuing to improve their general athletic skills. Concepts related to rules and strategy will be presented through fun games and drills.

Train to Train (Age 12-14 yrs)

Camps are designed to refine technical and tactical sport skills and knowledge. The enhancement of general athletic skills will continue to be emphasized to ensure the development of the overall athleticism required to excel in the participant's sport of choice.

Learn to Compete (Age 15-17 yrs)

Camps are designed for athletes to train in a high performance environment and develop advanced skills and tactics.