Fitness & Lifestyle Drop-In

Fitness and Lifestyle Centre Protocols
- Bookings can be made up to 5 days in advance.
- Masks will be mandatory in all common areas ie.during arrival and departure from the facility but may be removed during exercise. MASKS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED AT THE FACILITY
- Please arrive a maximum of 5 min prior to your appointment to avoid large gatherings outside of the facility. 
- Arrive ready to workout. Bags are not permitted in the fitness centre and there will be limited access to locker rooms/washrooms.
- Upon arrival please check in with staff at the fitness desk to confirm appointment and completion of screening. All patrons will receive a towel and spray bottle for personal use throughout their appointment and will be expected to wipe down equipment before and after use. Towels can be discarded into the dirty laundry bin at the end of each appointment and bottles will be returned to staff and prepared for the following appointments.
- Please be courteous to other users and maintain proper physical distancing at all times. 
- Some equipment has been removed from circulation including all portable equipment previously available at the fitness desk. 
- Please refrain from moving equipment around the facility as it has a designated orientation to comply with AHS guidelines. 
- Please follow the direction of the Facility staff – we are all just working toward getting our facilities back up running safely for the enjoyment of all of our patrons.
For contact tracing reasons, every person who intends to enter the facility needs to be registered in advance. You must book each individual participant from your group in their own spot. Any participants who have not registered/paid (according to our entry list) will not be permitted entry to the facility.