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Curling Leagues

Doubles Open League

Our 10 week Tuesday Open Doubles curling league is open to all skill levels. Teams are comprised of two players of any gender. Curling Canada mixed doubles rules apply. All games are 8 ends.

Intramural Curling League

Looking to play the game of curling for the first time? Register for our Intramural Curling League today!

Men's Leagues

Our 20 week Tuesday Night Men's curling league is for those curlers Intermediate to Advanced. All games are 8 ends. Teams must be comprised of four males. Minimum age of 16.

Mixed Leagues

Our 20 week Thursday Night mixed curling league is considered our most competitive mixed league. ll games are 8 ends. Teams must be comprised of two males and two females and they must alternate positions.

Seniors Leagues

NEW! Our 10 week Monday morning Senior's curling league is for those curler's aged 50+. Teams must be comprised of four players of any gender.

Sunday Open Leagues

Our 10 week Sunday Open 2 League runs every second week. All games are 8 ends. Teams consist of 4 players and can be any combination of male or females.

Triples Curling

Triples Curling is a new exciting discipline that has been developed by Curling Canada. As its name suggests, curlers compete in teams of 3 when playing.

Uni Open Leagues

Our 15 week Sunday University Open curling league is comprised of teams that have ties to the University of Alberta. Teams may consist of any combination of males and females and should contain at least two members of the University community (student, staff, or alumni).