Aquatic Drop-In Lane Swim

University of Alberta – Aquatic Centre Protocols for Re-opening: Booked Lanes & Aquatic Fitness Classes

As we progress toward reopening, the Aquatic Centre at the University will appear very different in appearance, procedures and activities for the time being. This is a list of items to reinforce with your group to allow for ease of use during this time of transition. Any questions should be directed to Brian Bowers, either by phone – 780-492-4533 – or email –

1. Access to the facility will be through the changeroom doors. Upon arrival, all users are required to check in with the lifeguard. All users will be screened for covid-19 – refusal to provide contact information, or be screened, will result in our inability to admit you to the facility.
2. Masks must be worn upon entry until your time come to enter the water. No masks will be worn in the water.
3. All patrons are required to maintain a distance of 2 m. Cohort groups as defined by Alberta Health Services are an exception to this requirement, but it is still encouraged if possible.
4. All users are required to arrive “ready to swim” This includes having the AHS requirement of having a “cleansing shower” at home prior to coming. Rinsing off in the deck shower is encouraged prior to entering the pool basin. A space will be provided on the deck area to store your belongings. No lockers are available.
5. At the end of your booking and/or if a washroom is needed during your time the Universal Changeroom is available – with a limit of 10 people allowed in at any one time. Please remain in the areas that we have allowed access. This will be monitored by facility staff as the remainder of the Van Vliet Complex is closed off to all people. Staff will be cleaning/disinfecting the change areas after each group.
6. No spectators are permitted in the building or pool area.
7. Please follow all other direction of the Facility staff – we are all just working toward getting our facilities back up running safely for the enjoyment of all of our patrons.


For contact tracing reasons, every person who intends to enter the facility needs to be registered in advance. You must book each individual participant from your group in their own spot. Any participants who have not registered/paid (according to our entry list) will not be permitted entry to the facility.