Program: 11487 - RecStock - Yoga Groove Flow (Fall)

Turn up the music and zone out - yoga with the pulse of the bass. Vinyasa based practice combined with a soundtrack of upbeat and energizing pop music. Great for anybody who always has a tune running through their head.

Information: Please bring your own yoga mat and/or props.
RecStock - Groove Flow Yoga
17 - 99
Date Start End Location Venue
Friday 4:35 PM 5:25 PM DH Dance Studio Van Vliet Complex
Fri, Sep-11
Fri, Sep-11
From Wed, Jul-29 12:01 AM - Until Fri, Sep-11 4:30 PM



Class Start Class End Location
Fri, Sep-11 4:35 PM Fri, Sep-11 5:25 PM DH Dance Studio